Black engineer launches simple cleaning product | The Baltimore Times Online Newspaper

Houston – Engineer and entrepreneur Devon Fanfair proudly launched its Just Wipes disinfectant product to help consumers get “Live Life Clean”. As a serial entrepreneur, Fanfair is also a co-founder of the venture capital & private equity firm Devland and has a decade of experience in technology and startups.

His lifelong passion for solving problems has shaped the development of this companion product, which focuses on safety and skin care.

Just Wipes is sold in affordable pocket-sized packs of 10 wipes and consists of two simple ingredients. It's perfect for anyone looking to take care of their health this winter. Just Wipes is 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and contains more disinfectant alcohol than leading brands. At the same time, it protects against dryness with skin-friendly aloe.

Fanfair was inspired to take action after a less than clean experience. In 2019, he flew to Silicon Valley to interview tech companies and was faced with a dirty roach flight that questioned how clean travel really is. When Fanfair came home after this experience, he was fixated on solving a problem: How can disinfection be ensured on the go that works everywhere? After learning the facts about germs in airplanes and researching the competition, Fanfair created Just Wipes' unique travel packages that allow everyone to stay safe without affecting their busy life. "Just Wipes is a product that fits into our lifestyle, not something we fit our lifestyle into," Fanfair said.

Fanfair was excited to share their journey to develop Just Wipes with their five year old daughter Sage. As a father, he hopes to be a positive role model for his daughter by showing her how to think freely and creatively, innovate, and solve problems.

To ensure that she could see herself in the entrepreneurial field, he started his company with women of color who held most of the executive positions.

While some view diversity as an obstacle to business success, Fanfair believes it leads to creative solutions to systemic challenges that allow Just Wipes to grow despite starting with limited resources.

"What kept us from the game gave us strength and resilience not to give up," said Fanfair.

Just Wipes disinfection bag packages can be purchased at and in person at selected H-E-B locations.


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