Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ warnings to U.S. Capitol Police Chief ignored and she says Trump should be impeached, charged | The Baltimore Times Online Newspaper

California Democratic Congressman Maxine Waters said Capitol police chief Steven Sund ignored warnings that an attack by domestic terrorists was imminent before insurgents forcibly did their will and overtook the sacred government building on January 6, 2021.

In an exclusive interview with the National Newspaper Publishers Association's Daily Morning BREAKING NEWS: LET IT BE KNOWN, the beloved congresswoman, known a million times as "Aunt Maxine", said there was growing evidence of complicity in the attack, which claimed six lives, including two Capitol Police officers and over 50 law enforcement injuries.

Because President Donald Trump sparked the violent uprising in the U.S. Capitol, Congresswoman Waters insisted that he be held accountable and implored the victims' families to bring civil lawsuits against the United States government.

"I believe charges against the president should be pursued," said Congresswoman Waters during the January 12 live interview broadcast on Black Press of America social media platforms.

Congressman Waters has served in the US House of Representatives since 1991. "First, the families of the deceased must sue the US government because the Capitol Police and others who were responsible for organizing security for this event failed," Congressman Waters said.

Waters continued, "Either they are incompetent, or they lied, or they are complicit. This is a very complicated combination of people and operations that I think played a part in this attack on our Capitol."

“I had an hour's talk with the [now former] Capitol Police Chief, days before this happened. I brought up the issue of security in our caucus, and the property manager had the Capitol Police Commissioner call me. "

"I asked him what he would do to keep these so-called protesters out of the plaza and not near the Capitol, and he assured me that there would be barricades and that they would not get anywhere near the Capitol."

Sund resigned after the US Capitol attacks and was replaced by Morgan State University graduate, incumbent chief Yogananda Pittman.

Congresswoman Waters reminded Sund that the Proud Boys and other right-wing organizations that support Trump had already arrived in Washington.

"In my estimation, the boss didn't seem to have this under control," said Congresswoman Waters. “I asked [Sund] if they had the cooperation of the DC police and he said“ absolutely. ”I asked if they would have police on the building because there were snipers going there.” This is how Martin Luther King and John Kennedy became killed – from tall buildings. He assured me that they were in control – that they understood. It turns out none of this was true. "

The congresswoman added that these are law enforcement and military officials, as well as those involved in the terrorist attack.

She is looking for an "in-depth investigation" into the attack, including an investigation that Trump may have collaborated with and that paid for the tour buses that brought the terrorists to Washington.

"This is serious," said Congressman Waters. “Lots of companies were involved. Many of the ordinary Capitol cops have been left naked, with no riot gear and no ability to defend themselves.

“They were overrun and these terrorists got in and called [house spokeswoman] Nancy Pelosi and looked for them. Even the woman who was shot … when they searched her belongings, they found a video saying she planned to call "Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters". These people wanted to kill. Impeachment is a certainty for the president, but criminal charge? Absolutely."

Congresswoman Waters concluded by reiterating the vital importance of the Black Press of America and pledging to continue working with the NNPA to keep Black America and all people informed of the developing situation during the impending transition to the Biden-Harris administration.


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