Matt Birk recounts success of 2012 Ravens, compares current team

Sports director, voice of the ravens

Matt Birk reflects on similarities between 2012 Ravens and the current team

Updated: 9:23 am EST January 15, 2021

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So, Matt, when it comes to playing for the game, that gets you into the A FC championship. It helps to have some experience. You have that, but there is also something about chemistry. Do you know, the Ravens team, that you were a part of it? What? The Super Bowl? 47 had no chemistry in December. But man, did you have it as a player in January? When do you feel that I dont know. If I don't know If you ever feel it, oh yeah, you know we just flip the switch here. I mean it's gradual, right? It's gradual. For us, it beat the Colts. The first round was a good win, but then against Denver and Denver. Then it was like, Ok, now, now it feels like this could be something. And, um, and even when you get to it, I think if you get past the first round of the playoffs, you can actually see and touch the Super Bowl like it is. It's not that far away. If you play in the first round of the playoffs, you are only past the regular season. Okay, now we're in the playoffs. But you know you don't really have time to process anything or anything, and you're just trying to try to survive and and get your thoughts right for season two. So it's gradual, but I mean, I don't follow the ravens as closely as you do, but pretty closely. And there are many indicators that say that. You know, this team is taking its step at just the right time. And one of those indicators is Lamar Jackson's game. Now you're blocking for a guy who knows where he's been at all times. They knew Joe Flacco was in the pocket. How difficult it is for the Ravens' offensive lineman not to really know where Lamar might be at any given time in a given game. Well, I mean it was nice to work or cement shoes and it didn't go anywhere in the pocket. But for someone like Lamar Jackson who just lets me say something, that means that I'm a fan, Jerry, I'm just a football fan. That's all i am I love to watch this guy and his skill and athleticism and all of these things are like nothing we've ever seen in this league. Maybe he's not always where he's supposed to be or where you think he'll be. But that's usually okay, that's okay. And most importantly, if your alignment is to say that you're not blocking your guy entirely, you're pretty confident that Lamar will save you. And so it just goes with. I would compare it to blocking for Adrian Peterson. You know we run back, there are running games and they are designed to hit certain holes. They had no idea where Adrian Peterson would hit the hole, but that's okay. And sometimes he was wrong. But he was often right. If you look at the running game the Ravens put together this year, I mean 39 regular season games that run more than 100 meters, the second longest series of its kind. And you could say, OK, that's swing. You have set up your system. But look, they lost their best blocking end and Nick Boyle, they lost one of the best left tackles in the league and Ronnie Stanley. And yet they continued this rhythm of running as an offensive lineman. How is that possible? Uh, it's possible because I think I think it's up to ports, because hearts in which he never uses injury as an excuse, and whether it's Ozzie or Eric DeCosta when they build their team, they have certain types in the Sense of being ravens. It's not just about that. If you have enough talent you also have to be the raven type to play like a raven, as John always said. I'm sure he still talks about it, and you know it doesn't matter who is in there. The system is not designed for a specific person. Um, that's how the ravens play insult. That way, the ravens play defense and the standard is the same regardless of who is there. I know you are saying you are just a fan now, but you are a fan that has Super Bowl experience and literally the point of attack in the game. So when you see this game with the bills start to unfold. What do you pay attention to in the first quarter? The first half to feel that this is the Ravens game. I mean, obviously the game in progress is always the key to this offense. Well I think what is very encouraging as a Ravens fan is that it wasn't early last week. But you know the ravens won't leave the barrel unless they fall three or four points. You will always play football. And then you sell Lamar to make a game and it just seemed to change the whole thing, the whole feeling, the whole meaning of the game. And so you have to. You have to stick with it. But you know Buffalo is, um, their defense. They're not very complicated in what they do, but they play fast. You play hard. I know Leslie Frazier. Well, you know he's in Tampa. He's got his system and it's really based on just being where you're supposed to be and it's put a lot of effort into and their defenses are flying around so I think they have a bit more speed on defense overall. than Tennessee so this will be interesting to see. And then offensively, you know, Buffalo & # 39; s Buffalo is good at not letting the ball run a lot. I think they really trust Josh Allen now. I think whether they surrendered or they threw swing passes with their backs to Singletary, you know that air, only long surrenders there. You agree with that. I think the ravens in the past have been hit hard and getting a pass rush this week will be really important. It was a little surprised last week. I felt like it was taking. It took a while before the rush of passers-by started. I think you need to get Josh Allen out of his seat. And yes, he's athletic and can run around and, you know, play and play it. But I think if you let him sit back there, they're pretty talented. Receiving the core, tight returns that can catch the ball. I think the ravens would be in trouble. One of the luxury of being a fan is that you can get into the game on another level on Super Squares. This is a big part of it for you. Tell me about the journey that took you to Super Squares and share it with us. That is exactly what it means for the fans. Yes. I mean you know I thought I started out as a fan right? I'm just a fan who happened to be lucky enough to play in the NFL for 15 years. But being on the other side now is like being fans. Fans really are the energy of the sport and I think we found out that this year without fans in the stands, even on TV, it just feels different. And the fans put up with a lot. You spend a lot of money. You spend a lot of time. And aside from being a fan of the game, they don't get much in return. So I tried to think how we can. How can we reward fans for loving sports, watching sports and being careful in helping start this app called Super Squares, the old soccer squares game everyone plays at those Super Bowl parties? It's like that with steroids. It's a lot more fun. There is a lot more going on. We have predictions, the numbers change every quarter and it's free to play and we have massive prizes. We have already given away over a quarter of a million dollars in prizes this year. We have another 400,000 and a $ 2 million jackpot by the Super Bowl. It's a free app and it takes two minutes to play before you start. That's it and it's a lot of fun and I think he got it. The fans were always looking for that adrenaline rush. Do you know what else Especially when our team is not in the playoffs. What else can I lose in this game. I think that's why we all love sports because we just want to get involved in the action and I think superstores do that and because it's a squares game you don't have to wait the last two minutes to be really okay think. Which ways will go? You can win all the time and win every quarter. They have series of numbers and get points for each quarter. So you never stay with bad numbers. And really, there aren't any bad numbers in today's NFL as these kickers emanate lack of kicks and coaches who all play every number and number in the game for two. Where can our viewers find Maura via Super Squares? Our website, Super Square & # 39; s Dotcom? Or just go to the APP Store and download the free app. You know we're just We want to reward fans for watching football and being fans. Believe me, after a long year outside the stadium, the fans will really appreciate it. Just as we will really appreciate to hopefully see the fans again next season at Empathy Bank Stadium and across the league. Absolutely. And I saw that I saw because the Vikings are already planning for next season to play the Vikings at Ravens Stadium next year. I think my wife would hopefully take a trip, hopefully they'll allow people to go to the stadium until then. They're doing better, we're definitely excited, Matt. Great visit with you and enjoy the rest of the playoffs. Thank you Jerry. I was great to see you Mmm

The similarities to the 2012 Ravens team are hard to ignore – a hot start, mid-season adversity, figuring out things on the track and then starting a playoff run. And just like Bradley Bozeman helped anchor the Ravens resurgence, Matt Birk did so in his final season that ended in a championship. Gerry Sandusky caught up with Birk to see what he sees of the current crop in a playoff run.

The similarities to the 2012 Ravens team are hard to ignore – a hot start, mid-season adversity, figuring out things on the track and then starting a playoff run. And just like Bradley Bozeman helped anchor the Ravens resurgence, Matt Birk did so in his final season that ended in a championship. Gerry Sandusky caught up with Birk to see what he sees of the current crop in a playoff run.


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