Ravens Ray Lewis to start a podcast | The Baltimore Times Online Newspaper

Baltimore Ravens fans flocked to M&T Bank Stadium every time Ray Lewis took the field from 1996 to 2012. The Super Bowl MVP and the 13-time Pro Bowl linebacker even have a statute outside the stadium. His story of overcoming a difficult childhood and striving to be great has motivated so many people.

Imagine listening to the Baltimore Ravens Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis tell stories and offer words of encouragement whenever you want. The idea of ​​having such access to Lewis is a dream for most Ravens fans.

Fans can now get up close and personal with Lewis as he has his own podcast entitled "Everyday Greatness. The Ray Lewis Podcast. “Every Friday, new episodes will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, PodcastOne.com and other platforms.

Here is the description of the podcast from the home page: "By engaging in compelling interviews and sharing personal stories and life lessons – both in the field and off the field -" Everyday Greatness: The Ray Lewis Podcast "is an opportunity to meet the former NFL linebackers join their lifelong quest to understand what inspires and motivates GREATNESS. "

Lewis says he decided to start the podcast after his daughter Diamond told him all of his great stories should be shared with the masses. While his

Lewis was known for 12 years as one of the NFL's top leaders and motivators. Countless teammates have said that Lewis' intense leadership helped take them to a higher level.

After leading the Ravens teams to the only two Super Bowl wins in franchise history, Lewis should have an extensive library of stories to share on his podcast.

“I am very excited to announce the start of my new podcast. Every day we try to find out how we can get better, how we can improve our situation and how we can get out of bad situations. Now is my chance to sit back and share, to travel the world and interview some great people to actually hunt what size is, ”said Lewis on his PodcastOne.com home page. “I think if you think about where we are now in this pandemic, we are in a place where you now have time to identify with yourself again. So please join me on this trip and download new episodes of Everyday Greatness. The Ray Lewis Podcast every Friday! It's not what you have, it's what's inside that actually inspires greatness. "


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